Insurance for Information Technology (IT) Firms and IT Contractors

Today, every household and business accesses some form of it system. As our reliance on IT systems and hardware grows, it analysts, contractor insurance, IT consultants and companies are facing greater liability risk for the work they perform and the products they supply. As a result, IT analysts, IT contractors, IT consultants and IT businesses can be held liable for the advice or the services they perform that may cause financial loss to a third party.

MKW can help you work through the complexity of business insurance by providing general advice regarding similar I.T. businesses and by securing you a suitable policy at competitive rates.

IT Professional Indemnity Insurance

MKW have access to a broad range of underwriters that specialise in IT business insurance. Depending on the nature of your IT activities and whether you are an IT business analyst insurance, small it business, medium or large IT firm we know which insurance companies and underwriters are likely to provide suitable cover and competitive IT professional indemnity policies. Our specialist insurers can offer professional indemnity and public liability cover under a separate or combined policy.

At MKW, we understand the need for both professional indemnity and broad liability cover for IT Professionals and businesses as claims against IT consultants may include:-

  • Financial loss arising from software/system defects
  • Financial loss due to lost or corrupted data
  • Failure to perform and deficiencies
  • Breach of intellectual property
  • Personal injury or property damage resulting from a hardware/product defect
  • Inappropriate or incorrect advice leading to financial loss

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